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SOS or Save Our Selves, is a self empowerment approach to sobriety. We believe it is each individualís personal choice to use or not to use. We choose not to use, and not to drink, no matter what situations or circumstances arise. We hold all things to be separate from our sobriety. It is not dependant upon any outside influences, or a higher power, but simply put, a decision, to change our thoughts, change our habits and change our lives.

WE ARE NOT POWERLESS. It is within each of us to make the decision not to use, by means of rational and reasonable thought processes. We welcome all people regardless of spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs. We support each other in offering new ideas, and are open to free thought and healthy skepticism. Ours is a SOBRIETY GROUP and as such that is our MAIN PRIORITY.


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SOS Meetings Around The World
SOS Meetings Around the World

  Save Our Selves (SOS)
4773 Hollywood Blvd
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Thanks to Norm from SOS Canada for doing the bulk of the work on this web site.
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